Patina is technology for coloring shoes

Patina is…

Patina is an art whose inspiration is a combination of harmonious colors and shades of nature. Patina is the process of giving the skin a noble aging effect through colors and related materials. The patina is carried out exclusively by hand.
Have you ever wondered what shes say about you? The shape, appearance and color of shoes can reveal individual preferences and attitude to your personality. Nothing can be so beautiful and palpable than revealing an individual through art.

It all starts with a piece of leather

When high-quality leather, colors and solvents appear in front of the craftsmen, an irresistible game begins between the brush and the colors. New colors, shades and, of course, new shoes are born. Two identical pairs of shoes with the effect of the patina can never meet, since each pair carries emotions that cannot be repeated. Therefore, you can buy or order shoes from Armos with the patina effect and be sure that you are wearing unique shoes.

Patina is technology for coloring shoes

Where did the patina come from?

Patina was discovered by shoe repair masters, who conveyed to things the patina effect for a fresh and new look.

Over time, the patina gained widespread use, and not only shoes, but also bags, belts and other leather products became desirable and in demand. Now this method has gained fame in the field of fashion.

Types of Patina

Patination can be of two types: factory and authorial. According to the founder of the “Dandy Shoe Care” workshop, Alexander Nurulaev:“As a rule, sad people with limited knowledge in the field of shoe coloring are required to work in factories, who are required to dye a large number of shoes every day. They have neither the time nor the desire to create a work of art.” The author’s patina takes a lot of time, but the results are extremely pleasing.

Types of Patina

What does our company offer?

As a result of many years of craftsmanship and professionalism, Armos presents its products with highly artistic development. Choosing a special color scheme with unrealistic colors and shades, our craftsmanship will realize shoes that will emphasize your personality.
By placing specially selected colors and pigments, the artist creates a new “canvas” using essential oils, waxes and solvents, with the correct use of which the product gives a patina effect, resulting in an unusual shine and an impeccable combination of light and dark shades.

The effect of patina came into the leather industry from shoemakers and has been widely used since the 1980s. In the past, the effect of patina was to give the leather goods an aging effect.  Currently, this method is more widespread, as a result of which products with a patina effect occupy a high position in the world of modern fashion. Wearing shoes with a patina effect, you can be sure that you are wearing perfectly unique shoes that do not have a prototype.

Patina “Bespoke”

Armos Fashion House presents an exceptional offer. From now on, our company makes it possible to order shoes, (made with Blake Stitch, Goodyear Welt and Norwegian Welt technologies), bags, wallets and accessories of any kind, color and material. You will be able to choose even details and light and dark shades of leather.

What is glacage?

Glacage is a method of imparting a mirror effect to products, so that the skin receives such a radiance that it is possible to see its own reflection. This method is carried out exclusively as a result of handmade work. The effect of glacage in particular used on the tips and heels of shoes.

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