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Loafers and monks

At the peak of popularity!

 Loafers have become an integral part of men's wardrobe. It does not matter if you are at a business meeting or spend time on vacation - this type of shoe should be your must-have companion. You can buy loafers from Armos online shop from anywhere in the world. We offer handmade shoes and constant support of our products.

Where did they come from?

 Most likely, loafers got their name because of the simplicity of the donning process. Putting them on is much easier and faster than, for example, lace-up boots. The absence of laces and a stiff sole on a small heel are the characteristic features of the described models.
The prototype of modern products was the samples created by the Norwegian shoemaker in the 30s of the last century. Subsequently, they became widespread in America and Europe, earning great recognition from men and women.

Feature and Uniqueness

 Men of all ages and professions acquire models of this type. Loafers fit perfectly with an office dress code and trousers of free style, jeans and shorts. Of course, for each environment you need to choose the appropriate pair.

Armos online store offers loafers of all kinds:

  • Leather loafers will appeal to businessmen for conferences and meetings.
  • Colorful models are perfect for relaxation and activity without a strict dress code.
  • Suede loafers are the dream of everyone who spends a lot of time in motion.

 Models make the variety of accessories and the type of unique creation. Woven loafers will take the form of the foot after a few minutes of wearing. Exquisite buckles or tassels will attract lovers of originality in the image.

How to become a happy owner?

 You can buy loafers in just two clicks in the Armos online store. We present photos of models created for lovers of quality and comfort. By booking your order online, you will enjoy your new shoes in a short period of time.

  Partnership with Armos is a trusting relationship and the warmth of the caring hands of shoemakers!

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