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Style and comfort!

 Nowadays, men do not lag behind modern fashion and look as stylish as women. Properly selected image allows to create a proper impression about a person. A stylish look should complement well-chosen shoes. Moccasins will create a complete look and at the same time will not let your legs get tired after a busy day.
Buying men's handmade moccasins at Armos is a contribution to comfort and beauty.

Moccasins - shoes of the ancient Indians

 Natives of North America and Canada created moccasins. They were sewn mainly from bison leather and were very comfortable to wear. They were used for hunting, fishing and for long crossings. In those days, there were two types of shoes for men and women mostly walked barefoot.
The prototype of the moccasins had a solid sole that protects the legs from hard stones. The soft-soled versions were actively used in forest areas.
Modern models also meet the diverse requirements of consumers. For easy walk, they are made from various natural materials using the best techniques of shoe masters.

Subtleties of creating an image

 For an impeccable style, it is worth choosing the right shoes. Men's moccasins from our store will complement the look of various styles.

Black loafers are suitable for men in suits. Lovers of jeans and shorts will like bright colors. Men who follow fashion will definitely notice the unique types of moccasins.

For the manufacture of products, our company selects only natural materials:

  • Suede loafers are a classic. In various colors, they become flawless.
  • Leather gives the product shine and emphasized elegance.
  • Nubuck allows shoes to take the shape of the feet and provide maximum comfort.

 A convenient shoe last and many years of experience of craftsmen allows to sell products of the highest class. In our models, you will feel confident and not feel discomfort while walking.

Buy in two clicks!

 From Armos online store you can easily buy any shoe and be stylish. Become inimitably fashionable thanks to our products and we will give you cooperation the whole period of wearing our products.

  Armos moccasins are a pleasure and enjoyment of a unique image and free movements!

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