The next achievement of Armos is unique shoes with Norwegian welted made from our skilled craftsmen.
Norwegian Welt technology has been around for decades. In the past, this technology was used for sewing mountain and work shoes, and now it is mainly used for sewing everyday street shoes.
Surprisingly, the name of the technology has nothing common with Norway.

Norwegian welt

Why to buy Norwegian shoes from Armos?

Armos continues to maintain and develop Norwegian Welt technology, which is highly rated in the footwear industry. In the absence of appropriate skills and specialists, the Norwegian Welt almost disappeared. Armos Fashion House is one of the rarest company who with the help of its unique design, craft and high-quality materials, brings to life unique shoes with a Norwegian welt.
The main feature of the technology is water resistance, which is provided by specially developed technology, with the help of which the shoes become more durable and wear-resistant.

Norwegian shoe construction

  • On models sewn in Norwegian Welt construction, the one seam connects the upper, welt and outsole,
  • the other seam connects the upper, midsole and outsole. The edges of the upper are slightly turned outward.
Norvegian welt

Making shoes using Norwegian technology requires painstaking and lengthy work. Preparing a couple of Norwegian shoes takes at least a week.
Footwear specialists looking at this construction from a technical point of view often compare it with Goodyear Welt technology.

Loyal friends Norwegian shoes

Practically shoes with a Norwegian welt last forever, so by choosing shoes with Norwegian Welt, make sure you choose a loyal friend for the rest of your life.

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