Goodyear Welt

The best shoes in the world

Goodyear Welt handmade shoes are an important and integral part of any stylish and modern men’s wardrobe. These are the shoes with which real gentlemen are distinguished.


How it was invented?

Goodyear Welt technology is considered the oldest and best technology in the world. The use of Goodyear Welt construction emerged in the middle Ages, and in the absence of appropriate equipment shoes were sewn solely as a result of manual work.
Respective equipment appeared at the end of the XIX century. The founder of the technology was Charles Goodyear Jr., who revolutionized in the shoe industry and after whom shoe construction was named “Goodyear Welt”.
The use of new technology at first facilitated work and reduced time.

Charles Goodyear Jr.

Charles Goodyear Jr.

Then, as an image-maker Michael Anton writes, the process was perfected by the British during World War I, which increased the cost of handmade shoes. Sewing shoes with welt undoubtedly can be considered traditional English technology, which is considered to be a rich heritage of the British.

Goodyear Welt

The structure

In the process of shoemaking 4 structural elements are involved

  • Upper
  • Insole
  • Sole
  • Welt

The main distinguishing feature of Goodyear Welt footwear is the welt, a narrow strip of leather connected by one seam to the outer sole, and the other seam is connected to the upper of the shoes and the insole.

How to distinguish Goodyear Welt shoes from other types of shoes

Look at the shoes from above, if you see that the upper and the sole of the shoe are almost in the same plane, so the sole are not noticeable and there are no seams, here we are talking about shoes with cemented construction. In addition, if the sole protrudes noticeably and the seam is visible, then we are about of shoes using Goodyear Welt technology.
Shoes made using Goodyear Welt technology belong to the highest class and out of competition due to their durability, quality and comfort.

Goodyear Welt
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